Alex Rodrigues has two unique  techniques to create his works of art. He gives art tools a miss to create  with his bare hands. Using his bare hands, mainly fingers to paint every tiny detail of a painting, he creates  what he calls “Finger Paintings”  and for his second technique, he not only gives tools a miss but also gives colours a miss, using only his finger nails and paper he creates works of art he calls “Embossed & Engraved”



Hampshire–  August 2017 and  Sept 2017- Group show at the Expressions art gallery.               London-July 2017- “Mehfil” an exhibition of  paintings, sculptures and poetry.            London – October 2016 – ” the asian house – with indian masters of past n present.(my christ beside F.N.Souzas christ, n Buddha next to a hussain.)                                   Warickshire- August 2016 – “As You Like It”-a group show commemorating the 400yrs of Shakespeare at The Gallery”.                                                                                                              London- 2016 – Three Decades- the Nehru centre- Cultural centre of the Indian High commission ( May Fair ).                                                                                                     Warickshire -2016- group show ” from Mumbai to Kenilworth at  The Gallery.             London – June 2015 – a group show at  the  St. James Court, a Taj hotel.               London- May 2014 – the Nehru centre- Cultural centre of the Indian High commission ( May Fair ).                                                                                                                                                    London- solo exhibition at the Southfields gallery.
Dubai – sept 2012 – Araaish ( fashion n art event). Exhibited at the event Araaish in a group exhibition
London– august 2011 – A solo show at the Nehru centre (high commission of India)
Australia– june & July2011 – Title – India in Australia A solo exhibition of Finger painted paintings at the Zen Art Gallery – Brisbane
Germany – May to June 2010 – Artists for freedom. Galelio Park- An international group exhibition on human traficking, to spread awareness on the same thru art.
Greece– Athens- Oct -Nov 2010 – Freindship thru art – Project- DREAMS. at the Four seasons centre in Athens.
Germany – 28th June – Oct 2010 – Artists for freedom. The Rathaues Bensberg, Bergisch Gladbach (advice hall) Germany- A group exhibition on human traficking.    Scandinavian tour- Jan- March 2010 – PROTECT Wildlife Heritage an appeal by children – organised by tellus Art – Sweden
Vienna Austria – August 2009 – ( Art Lanes) Annual international Exhibition Exhibited with Art Internationals Annual exhibition, ART LANES, with 30international artists from all over the globe, At the heritage Water tower of Vienna. Wasserturm Windtenstraße


Auroville – March 2018- a group show at Kala kendra art gallery.                                     Bombay- Jan 2018-  Tribus,  a group show at the Kamalnayan Bajaj art gallery.      Bombay-  April 2017 – Art and photography exhibition at the Nehru centre, kala spandan.     GoaNov 2016 – a group show at the Achies gallery in Chandor.                           Chandigarh- Oct 2016 – a group show of artists frm different parts of india in residency with Aura art Stay.                                                                                                                                  Bombay  – 2016 – a group show of 5 artists from different feilds of work.                                Goa- April 2016 – a solo show “Christus” (christian art)                                                         Bombay – March 2016 – art and photography exhibition at the Nehru centre.                Bombay – Dec 2015 – Duet show at the Art Desh Studio.
Bombay – Dec 2015 – A group show at Art Entrance Gallery.
Bombay – Feb  2015 – Solo show at Art Desh Gallery.
Bombay – Dec 2014 – Group show at the Sofitel, Mumbai with the NGO Samvedana.
Bombay – Nov 2014 -Solo show at the DD Neroy Art Gallery
Bombay – Oct 2014 – SIMUL a group show at the  Art entrance gallery Kalaghoda.               Goa– Feb 2012 – Arco Iris- Different-1. – a group exhibition of 8 artists.
Goa– April 2012 – (International Centre Goa)- Different-2- a group exhibition of 10 artists.
Bombay – 15th – 19th Jan, 2010 – PROTECT Wildlife Heritage-PRINCE OF WALES MUSEUM Organised by tellus Art – Sweden, at the (Gallery- Coomarasawami Hall) PRINCE OF WALES MUSEUM of Western India, now known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya.
Jan Feb 2010 – Project wild life Heritage-ART EXHIBITION of Drawings and Paintings by Children & Eminent Artists of Scandinavia and Asia, also travelled to exhibit in :-
New Delhi, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Punjab University, Dharampur, Nepal– victoria continental inn
Bombay– April 2010 – (Countenance)- A group exhibition at the Naivedya Art Gallery.
Bombay– May 26- 6 july 2010- A group exhibition at the Impressions Art Gallery.
Bombay – Feb 2010 -Exhibited paintings at the Kalaghoda Art Festival.                            Bombay – June 2009 – Title- Bare fingers.- ( jehangirs first finger painted exhibition.) A solo exhibition of 50 finger painted paintings, at the esteemed Jehangir Art gallery.
Delhi– Dec 10th – 15th 2009 – Equal Education (India)( Saman Bachpan) at Delhi haat. A group exhibition, a project, raised to spread awareness about equal education in india, equal eduction for both the sexes (boy n girl child ) and equal education between the rich and the poor..
Bombay – Feb 2009 -Exhibited at the Kalaghoda Art Festival with gallery Art Desh.
Bombay – Feb 2008 – Exhibited paintings at the Kalaghoda Art Festival. Also gave a live demonstration of the finger painting technique at the Kala ghoda art Festival..
Bombay – Feb 2007 – Title- Bombays first finger painted exhibition.. A solo exhibiton of over 60 finger painted paintings. At the Gallery The 4th Floor, kitab mahal, VT.                             Goa – Dec 2005 – Title- Christ series ( finger painted ) (Goa’s first finger painted exhibition) A solo exhibition, of finger painted paintings.Opp the J W Marriot, panjim.

Australia– June -August 2011 – conducted workshops on the finger painting technique and nail art to Artists at the camp..
Bombay– Dec 2007 – Camps organised by Mumbai Mobile Creshes, 2 weeks long, for a group of 250 children. Taught underprivileged childred how to paint with their bare fingers.
Bombay– Dec 2008 – Camps organised by Mumbai Mobile Creshes, week long, for a group of 200 children.Taught underprivileged childred how to paint with their bare hands and how to make greeting cards, painting with their hands.
Bombay – June 30th 2009- Workshop and demo of the Finger painting technique with Dignity Foundation.
Bombay – January 15th – 19th 2010. PROTECT Wildlife Heritage. CREATIVE WORKSHOPE by Scandinavian and Asian Artists with kids (Paintings donated to tellus art).
Goa– Feb 2012 – Workshop at Arco Iris with Special children from Daddys care-Goa


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